The Great Salad Garden Experiment

Because we aren’t a family of huge salad-eaters, it always seems we are unable to use our lettuce before it goes bad. So I’ve planted some seeds of my favorite leafy greens right in our kitchen. Because the containers are shallow, I may harvest the plants as microgreens. That’s why this is an experiment, I’m not sure what to expect. But I’m hoping I’ll never have to buy lettuce again.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Fill old containers-in my case aluminum cake tins that I wasn’t planning on using-with pre-dampened soil appropriate for sprouting.
    1. Regular potting soil may be too course, so make sure the blend is fine, organic, and chock full of worm casings, compost, and manure.
  2. Poke little holes far enough apart so the plants will not be overcrowded
  3. Place a few seeds in each hole. -you may need to thin out as they start to grow.
  4. Lightly cover with a sprinkling of soil
  5. Spray with water so that the entire surface is moistened
  6. Use popsicle sticks or some other identifier and put the name of the plant and the date it was planted. This will help keep track of sprouting times.
  7. Cover with plastic wrap. This will mimic a greenhouse and keep the seedlings warm and moist.
  8. Wait around 3¬†weeks…And there should be microgreens-I’ll let you know if that happens or not!

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